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Thanks for joining the campaign. This is the campaign web site, available to all players and anyone interested in following along. I (your DM, Scott Stratton) have never used anything online for RPG gaming, so this is a bit of an experiment. But it looks like a pretty interesting and comprehensive tool and I am hopeful it will be useful for everyone. To begin with, I’m just scanning and uploading material I already have in printed form. Here is one of them: Almost a Map.

Over time, I’ll convert the content to the correct format as well as edit everything so it makes sense and is not a formatting and visual nightmare. This will take me a little time, so please bear with me. The wiki, maps, and PC/NPC features look very cool, so I’ll try to get stuff uploaded and edited/converted as quickly as I can. Feel free to make suggestions and ask questions. I believe there are ways for players to contribute, and I want everyone to contribute as much as they want; I just need to figure out what sorts of things the site is capable of. Two things I know already:

  • Calendar – we can use the calendar feature to publish our session dates/times/locations
  • Adventure Log – all players can create a log (or diary or journal) of the adventures. I’ve seen some of the others on the site and encourage you to check them out as well. A log of the campaign is a really fun thing to do, and I’ve had many players keep them successfully in the past. They can be extremely brief notes or full-length fantasy novels and everything in between.

I’ve seen that several DM’s have introduced incentives of various kinds to get players to keep the log and/or contribute in other ways. I’ll definitely consider that (I’m leaning towards doing it as quickly as I can) assuming you all as players are interested.

Home Page

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